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About BMLinkS


  • BMLinkS (pronounced as "Bee-Em Links") stands for Business Machine Linkage Service.
  • BMLinkS is a concept proposed by The BMLinkS Project Committee of Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association, aiming at realizing "integrated interface" that dramatically improves the inter-connectivity and data exchange between various office equipment models in a network environment.
    Its objectives are:
    • To improve the user experiences and the intellectual productivity of the users of office equipment.
    • To contribute to overall growth of the business machine and information system industries.
  • Through standardization of technical specification and/or common behavior, the BMLinkS Project Committee promotes the establishment of "Document Distribution Infrastructure". The Document Distribution Infrastructure is an environment where BMLinkS compliant multi-vendor office equipment and software shall be connected to each other, through network (online form, such as the Internet), or through storage media (offline form, such as USB memories), thereby enabling the flow of knowledge - the result of intellectual production work - via scanning, storing and printing of documents, as well as via device management.
  • The functionality of BMLinkS is provided in terms of BMLinkS compliant office equipment (multi-function products, printers, scanners and so on), and BMLinkS Common Software (BMLinkS Integrated Printer Driver, Storage Service, Document Viewer software and so on) .
  • Positioning of "BMLinkS Platform" and "Document Distribution Infrastructure" are illustrated below:
    (For details, please refer to BMLinkS Prospectus)

    BMLinkS platform and Document workflow infrastructure

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