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1) What is certification?

Certification means that JBMIA recognizes that the device or software which passed the prescribed test to be defined by JBMIA conform the specification (BMLinkS) .
Venders may use the BMLinkS logo for certified devices for certified devices or software to inform consumers explicitly that their devices conform to standards defined by JBMIA.
Regarding the subject and scope of certification, certification must be performed for each service.
Please ask JBMIA for more details.

2) How to get the Logo license

In order to get the BMLinkS logo license, the applicant must be a member of the BMLinkS Project Committee and the device must pass the "BMLinkS Certification Test" governed by JBMIA. (The "BMLinkS Certification Test" is scheduled to start from the end of 2002.)
While devices that pass the "BMLinkS Certification Test" get the right to use the BMLinkS logo, actual use of the BMLinkS logo must follow the "BMLinkS Logo Operation Guidelines (tentative)".
Please ask JBMIA for more details.

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