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1) What is PlugFest?

PlugFest is an event where devices from companies that comply with the BMLinkS specification are collected in a single location to test their connectivity with each other. Although its primary goal is the verification of your devices' interconnectivity with the devices from other manufacturers, the PlugFest also serves as an extremely effective way to verify the implementation of your devices.

2) How to participate in PlugFest

In order to participate in PlugFest, you must be a member of the BMLinkS Project Committee. Participants must also have a device (or a prototype) which implements the BMLinkS specification.

Because PlugFest's primary goal is to verify the interconnectivity of devices, the device is not required to have absolute integrity of the specification. It is, however, preferable that the device is capable of connecting to other devices to some extent. We recommend that participants perform a verification of the specification in advance with the verification tools provided prior to the event.

Please contact us for details about applying to PlugFest.

3) The enforcement results of PlugFest

1st PlugFest, August,2002 (Printer Driver)
2nd PlugFest, Aplil,2004 (Scan/Storage, Confidential Print)
3rd PlugFest, Aplil,2006 (Scan/Storage)

4th PlugFest, January - April,2008 (Office Device Management, Cross-Product Connectivity Verification, etc.)

Technology Sub-committee
Had four meetings between January and April, 2008 and acquired the following results:

Verified interoperability in multiple prototype implementations complied with the new Office Device Management standard specification (draft) and their behaviors.

Confirmed the functionality of scanning and printing using the PDF format that is newly added to Data Format standard specifications (draft).

Verified the discovery functionality of BMLinkS office services in WAN environment and the search performance using a discovery server prototype.

Confirmed that there were no issues found in the PlugFest results (specification, connectivity, and performance).

Certification Sub-committee
Had two meetings between January and February, 2008 and acquired the following results:

Further verified the interconnectivity of the network copy functionality and the network printing functionality, using products shipped from the member companies.

Based on the PlugFest result, verified that there are no inhibiting factors for interconnectivity.


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